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We started planting trees in 1993 as a family run tree farm, and on this 8-9 acre farm, we can boast that we plant 1000 trees an acre, and the trees love it. The soil conditions are great, mainly loam and when we spade our tree, you get a piece of our farm along with the tree you choose, the tree has a great survival rate and they are trusted to grow. We fear not to guarantee the tree for 1 growing season. Our farm is a Christmas Tree and landscape tree operation. When the tree gets too big to spade as a landscape tree, we sell it as a Christmas tree. Remember, every spot or space always has a tree growing. We spade a tree or you cut a tree for Christmas at our farm, and another tree is planted its spot next spring. The average cycle is about 10 years, so if we plant for a tree that was harvested in the year 2016, we look forward to taking the mature tree out in 2027. As members of the Manitoba Christmas Tree Growers Association, our family is actively working with better ways to grow and promote the real Christmas tree for your home, as well as treeing Manitoba yard sites and shelterbelts with landscape trees as a renewable resource. With 1000 trees an acre on an 8 acre farm, you have a great selection for a good-looking tree, and we do our best to help out the environment. We do not receive any carbon credits for our farm so we rely on public support.

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