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Our Christmas Tree farm opens the last weekend of November from 10AM to sunset on the weekends, but call for weekday appointments. Check us out on the Manitoba Christmas Tree Growers web site.

Our landscape trees are spaded twice per year—Spring spade is from mid to end of April, and fall spade is done from mid August to mid October. You pick the tree, we spade, cage, burlap, and load the tree on your trailer. We have guidelines to help out with planting the trees yourself, or you can just pick our experienced landscaper to do the job.
We have mostly White Spruce (Manitoba’s provincial tree) in our field with some Scots Pine, Balsam Fir, and the exotic trees that can handle our environment, diseases and weather conditions known as Meyers Spruce.

We sell plenty of potted White Spruce and Scots Pine.Planted in 1 and 2 gallon trade pots, they are a great fundraiser for schools and community organizations as they are easy to handle and markup is good.Everyone loves to support their local community, just call for pricing and availability.
We also sell black oil sunflower bird seed. Remember, birds need a Christmas too.Locally grown and harvested by a local Manitoba Farmer, farmers helping farmers.

Coming for a visit? We don't live at the farm but we are always available, and a tour with a “walk and talk” setting is always going on. Just call us to ensure we are at the farm or e-mail us to set up a meet time. We are a family run farm so there is a good chance of meeting up with a very informed person.

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